Welcome to Phoenix Rising.

Once in a while an opportunity comes along which has the potential of changing people’s lives.

Participating in one of Phoenix Rising’s Workshops and Profesional Trainings is such an opportunity.

“Amazing”, “expansive”, “transformational”, “beyond my highest expectations”, “I got my life back”, “fascinating and revealing”, “I didn’t think I could ever let go of alcohol”, “my marriage is back on solid ground”, “I understand my children a lot better now”, are some of former participants comments about Phoenix Rising and Graeme and Gayle O’Brien.

Each Workshop and Professional Training is specifically designed to gradually reveal concepts and experiences in an easy to follow series of therapeutic processes.

All students in our programmes are fully supported by Graeme and Gayle O’Brien and their facilitators, to benefit from addressing their own personal issues while gaining a professional qualification. This way they are able to facilitate processes with their clients not solely from book-learning, but from personally experiencing the same processes while working on resolving their own issues.

Highly trained facilitators are present in every workshop and training, so that every participant gets personal attention, care, guidance, additional support and assistance.

For further information contact:

Jayne Young - National Co-Ordinator
0448 888 486

Gayle O'Brien
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Gold Coast & Brisbane
Jayne Young
0448 888 486

Gayle O'Brien
0438 888 486

Boonah, Ipswich, Beaudesert
Beliefs, Patterns & Values
39 Macquarie St, Boonah QLD 4310
Debbie Stenton
0457 888 486
0437 001 050

Lives in Progress
Sandy Gills
07 5482 2455

New South Wales

Essential Skills Training
Julie Fletcher
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Wagga Wagga
Rachel Paton
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02 6926 4209

Kathy Larkin
Conscious Parenting
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Lorraine Sutton
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02 6964 2850

Australian Capital Territory

The Mind Body Tree
Kate Nethercott
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Brindabella Health
Marie Ange Arundel
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Satch Campbell
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Karen & Greg Blakey
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Charlotte Smith
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